Last night at Awana

Last night I was walking my two boys to their respective Awana clubs (one is in Sparks and the other is in Cubbies) and had them both by the hand. The youngest let go at some point and I thought he was following behind me so I walked on. He must have taken his eyes off of me for a time because he started to cry and scream “Daddy! Daddy!” I was only a few paces in front of him, but he was looking back into the gym from where we just came from for me.

I walked briskly back to him calling his name. Finally he heard me and the look of horror on his face having lost me was replaced by relief and happiness. He yelled “Daddy” again and ran toward me.

This got me to thinking of the times when I have “lost” God in my life. I can be assured that He is not behind or in front of me. Rather, He is a God who is near and not far off. But my reaction when far from Him is too often not one of horror or sadness nor seeking to correct the problem. Complacency, relief, even happiness creep in when He is not “looking over my shoulder”.

My youngest taught me a lesson last night.


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