King of the Jungle

Wow. Last week was quite the ride for us as a family. I was gone for a couple of nights and then we had our Duct Tape and Super Cool Video Night outreach at our Champions kids club, Thursday we signed our wills and I went to contest our assessment (yet again!).

We also got news that our oldest is not doing as well as we though in Kindergarten so we need to meet with the teacher to map out a strategy for his success. That threw both of us for a loop, but we have had time to process it and talk to quite a few people about it so that helps. I am nervous and excited about it all at once. It is kind of a strange feeling, but it is something that we need to power through and pray that we react in a way that is reflective of our position in Christ. The weekend was a bit busy with the oldest son’s birthday activities/festivities and church activities on Sunday. Last night we had some friends over and they stayed much past our bed time (yeah – to be young again), but it was a great visit. Tonight…we have a big bunch of nothing.

Phew. OK, that is more like it. I am looking forward to just hanging out with the family. I have decided that there will be no more videos before bed on school nights when I am home so that will give me some more time to interact with the boys before they get shipped off to bed at 8:00. I also think it will help with the oldest as he needs a bit more help in school than we had originally thought. We’ll see how it pans out, but at any rate I need to be there for him much more than I have been. And I will do this. I have no alternative.


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