My testament

This text will be placed in my Will as my final words:

As you all know, God has called me home. The steps that I have taken and even this pleasant death has been ordained by Him. The fact that I am, right now, in His presence signals that my rebellion is over. I am no longer tempted to sin; no longer swayed to gratify the desires aroused by the world, my flesh, or the Devil himself. What bliss this is! Surely this is exactly where I was meant to be!

When the boys were young we prayed for their salvation and ruminated on the passport that would be into the presence of God. Through my salvation born out of God’s grace and applied to my life by faith I have been given a sinlessness that I could have never gained on my own. It would thrill my heart and the heart of God Himself if you were to join me here. Admit to God that you are a sinner (Romans 3:23); acknowledge that the sins that you have committed only result in an eternal separation from God in Hell (called death in Romans 6:23); acknowledge that Christ bore your sins and died in your place (Romans 5:8); and call on Christ Himself to be the forgiver of your sins and the leader of your life (Romans 10:13). If you were to do this God will save you from the consequences of your sin and you would enjoy not only an abundant life on this earth but the very pleasures of heaven that I am experiencing this very moment.

Thank you for the love and support you have shown to me and my family these many years that I have been granted. You all have been a gift from God and He has shown His love for me in allowing your presence to grace my life. As this will is read I pray that it will show the love I have for all of you.

For, now, there remains only love for me: the love that my God has for me and for you, and the love that I have for Him and you as well. For the hope that I had is now my reality and the faith that I had has been swallowed up by sight.


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