So who this Steve Taylor guy?

It is incredible to me how personal the Psalms are. I am a couple of chapters behind in my year-long quest to read through the Bible in 2006 and I have hit the midway point of Psalms. The ones that I have read (and am reading) are such a window into David’s and other’s hearts and a clear indication of their delights and struggles. It really humanizes the Scriptures and gives me something to compare my own relationship with God to. Have I made it as deep as David’s relationship (read fellowship) with Him? David’s longing for God’s presence is so vivid and well-expressed. It is hard for me to imagine myself like that this side of heaven, but I know that God desires me to be like that and has equipped me to unite myself to Him in that manner.

I have also been impressed with the amount of lyrics Steve Taylor has taken from the Psalms. He must spend a lot of time in there.


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