I am a closet gadget freak

I am a “closet” gadget freak. I like small electronics: PDAs, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, GPS receivers…the whole nine yards. I have a feeling that if I was single and pulling the income that I am pulling now I would be knee deep in gadgets. I would also probably have multiple eBay listings as well hawking the ones that had fallen out of favor with me.

Having a wife who is a saver (unlike me) and with my children in tow I do not have the inclination towards buying gadgets that I used to. Well, maybe that is too strong of a statement. The inclination is still there, but the means to satisfy it are definitely not there. That is a good thing for me. I don’t need all of that stuff.

Another good thing is that the boys are getting older and the toys they are interested in are getting cooler. Maybe by the time there is an Xbox 5 we’ll be ready for one. Until then, it is fun just browsing on CNET.com for all of the cool, up-and-coming gadgets.


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