Clear skies

Boy was I lazy last night. I had every intention of doing some stargazing but it just didn’t pan out. Through the whole day I received Clear Sky Alerts from the Clear sky alarm clock (the clock for my location is at and I had the battery charged and my Palm Pilot loaded with the objects I was ready to look at. My plan was to get out by 9:30 p.m., get the telescope set up, and be ready to go at 10:00 p.m..

Well, that didn’t happen. We had dinner guests and after we got the boys into bed I washed the dishes, loaded the dishwasher, had a phone conversation with some friends who are adopting a baby boy…it was well after 10:00 p.m.. So I struggled with what to do for a bit and decided to bag it. Maybe I should have gone out to observe for a bit, but I consoled myself by giving assurance that the next Clear Sky Alert I get I will go out.

Of course, I may never see another clear sky, but that is a different matter entirely. I may take some pictures of my telescope and setup posting them here for posterity. Unless I get busy…er…lazy again.


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