Since coming back from vacation it has been a strange time for me. I feel rather odd – just a weird feeling where something is not quite settled. Maybe the lack of routine threw me more for a loop than I thought. Driving into work today I just felt strange. But that’s all right. I have long ago abandoned my feelings as the arbiter over what is true or not. If it feels right, so right that it could not possibly be wrong, it may or may not be. That is just the way it is.

I remember watching a video that was a segment of the Larry King show on CNN where there were three pastors talking about…well, I can’t even remember what they were talking about. But what I do remember is one of the pastors, John MacArthur, prefaced just about every comment he made with the phrase “Well, Larry, the Bible says…” and was impressed with the lack of scripture the other pastors had used in their responses. Finally MacArthur said something like “My authority is the Bible…” and then it hit me.

Yes, that is my authority. The Bible. And I need not apologize for any views I have that are based on it. The Lion that is Scripture itself will take care of itself. I just need to be ready to preach the Gospel in action and, if need be, in word.


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